Contoh Penilaian Pengetahuan di Bidang Penelitian

Penilaian terhadap pengetahuan di seputar bidang penelitian

✓ He has a through and up to date knowledge of the scientific literature concerning his subject. 

✓ He is clearly intelligent and has a reasonably critical approach to the literature.
fenilaian terhadap publikasi. 

✓ She has two papers to date, and by the end of 1997 she expects to have at least two more publications to her name and to have completed her thesis. 

✓ During the period 1994 - 1996 Dr. Ibrahim published six papers.

✓ He is the first author of 4 papers as a result of this activity. 

✓ He is coauthor of 4 papers, two of which are in English and published in Indonesian journals with an international circulation. 

✓ He is coauthor of 10 papers published in the last three years, all concerned with aspects of photochemistry. 

✓ During that time he was the senior author of 5 papers, several of which describe preparation of film-type photocatalysts. Four paper relates to preparative methods of TiO2 films and one to ZnO films. A further paper, now in preparation, describes the relationships between the acidity of film surface and its catalytic activity. 

Pergi bersama suami
✓ Fortuitously, her husband, who already has a fellow-ship, will be going to LA at the same time that she wishes to go to Dr. Adams' laboratory, also in LA. 

Menilai karakter pribadi
✓ Mr. Hadi is a quiet man with a pleasant manner and a dry sense of humour. He is well liked by the members of his class and by his teachers. He would make a very acceptable colleague. 

✓ He has an easy going personality and gets on well with those around him.

Contoh Penilaian Pengetahuan di Bidang Penelitian

✓ He is well liked by his fellow students and shows a marked sense of respect for his teachers. 

✓ He is very mature for his age and has a pleasant personality. 

✓ It was a pleasure having him in the Department of Applied Chemistry. His courteusness and friendly behaviour were much appreciated by his fellow students and members of staff. 

✓ He is a hard working and pleasant person with whom to work. I have enjoyed his companionship both professionally and personaIly. 

✓ I enjoyed working with Dr. Susanto very much. He was a warm, understanding and helpful colleague who was well liked by those around him.

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